The Structural Component
The structural component is comprised of the soundboard, bridges, plate or harp, pinblock and strings. It all starts with the string scale. Simply stated, the music wire has a given length, diameter and mass which subsequently determines important factors such as the tension, inharmonicity, acoustical power, and hammer to string contact time. From the scale, we can determine the pressure on the bridges, and design a soundboard and rib scale that will not only balance the mass and stiffness of the system, but also support the load longer than was ever possible traditionally.
Notch-chisel bridge
While the tone is ultimately a subjective aesthetic, our goal is to create an even scale from note to note, where there is as much acoustical power available as possible, to be proportionately balanced between loudness and sustain. Many vintage pianos have problems that can be corrected that are directly related to the original scale and soundboard design and result in any number of problems including an uneven transition from the tenor to bass, weakness in the “killer” or sixth octave of the piano, extraneous noise, voicing issues and even problems staying in tune.
At Absolute Piano, we are here to assist our clients sift through all the options to make the best choice depending on the piano’s condition and the desired outcome.
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The Plate

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