About Absolute Piano & Staff
Over the last 15 years, Absolute Piano Restoration and Tuning has specialized in providing comprehensive piano restoration, tuning and player piano installations to other piano technicians and dealers. One of our specialties has been to tackle the jobs that other piano technicians or dealers are either unwilling or unable to carry out; thus, presenting us with the unusual opportunity to refine our skills by rising to the challenges of satisfying the most selective and informed clients and in turn their clients. As we continue to fulfill this role in the region, we are now very pleased to also provide all of our custom services directly to the general public.
The Staff
Jude Reveley, RPT, Proprietor
Laurel Reveley, CFO
Maghan Francoeur, Office Manager
John Otis, Tuner/Technician
Derek Levesque, Shop Assistant, Structural
Mike Wilson, Shop Assistant, Refinishing

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