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Design Services, Belly Modifications & Upgrades
There is an extraordinary amount of mythology that surrounds our industry especially when it comes down to construction methods and techniques. This is true whether we are talking about crowning soundboards or voicing hammers. It is our opinion that there are many viable methods to achieve certain results and in each method there are advantages, disadvantages or subtleties that give each instrument a different voice. We see this as a good thing because it is impossible for one instrument to tackle the entire repertoire of wonderful and diverse music that is out there. For us, the art is in knowing when and where to use certain methods to achieve the desired result. We have made great progress, of which we are proud; but we strive to learn more, and in the end we will still only have scratched the surface of unlocking the mysteries behind the acoustics of the piano.

We have the utmost respect for the masters that came before us and built the pianos that arrive in our shop presently. The choice of whether to modify an instrument must be weighed accordingly. A few questions may spring to mind…

Is the instrument an antique that is rare and important to the history of the piano?
What results are we looking to obtain from any proposed design modification?
Will this affect the resale value of the instrument?
These decisions must be made by the owner and on a case by case basis. For my own pianos, if I can make an obvious improvement to the tuning stability, tone and touch of the piano, the decision is easy and obvious.
While each major component of the piano (the Structure, Action, Damper System and Case Cabinet) can be modified, the Structure and Action Components are particularly detailed and voluminous and are therefore covered under their own sections of this website. Please click on these links for more information.

Belly Modifications and Upgrades

Action Design Modifications and Upgrades
The Structure
The Action
Damper System
Case Refinish


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