Touch Weight Modifications and Action Design
Absolute Piano Restoration, LLC has an extremely comprehensive and unique approach to action design and restoration. We have amalgamated techniques learned from two leaders in this field, David Stanwood of Stanwood Piano Innovations, Inc. and Bruce Clark, Chief Engineer at Mason & Hamlin Piano Co. As a licensed Piano TouchDesign ™ Installer, we have combined Mr. Stanwood’s work on weight leverage and ratio with knowledge gleamed from studying and working under the tutelage of Bruce Clark concerning key proportions, distance leverage and action geometry. Mr. Stanwood quite elegantly defines the difference of the weight and distance ratio as follows:
“The distance ratio comes under the heading of geometry and is related to arcs and their angular interaction whereas the strike weight ratio is a result of vertical gravitational vectors.”
The resultant process allows us to analyze and propose solutions to the most problematic actions as well as refine new actions for the discerning player. Whether we are restoring an original action or designing a new keyboard, each action is drafted on AutoCAD and then modeled with the specific action parts that meet your criteria. This unique process allows for unparalleled control over the parameters that affect the touch, playability and tonal control of the action. Using customized ratios and matched key proportions, we are able to minimize undesirable friction and reduce the amount of front weight required to counterbalance the action. This is achieved without necessarily compromising the regulation specifications or action geometry. The result is an extremely accurate targeting of your touch weight requirements, be it increased action velocity and repetition, a relief from repetitive stress related injuries, or simply to be able to sound and play better than you ever have before.
Touch Weight and Geometric Action Design Modifications
Analysis and redesign on AutoCAD
3-D modeling with chosen action parts and keystick
Custom geometric action balancing to include graduated strike weights and front weights
Key proportion modification (includes new balance rail)
Adjust stack location and capstan line to match leverage and weight specifications
Modified action parts
Friction measure and treatment

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