The action is the direct intermediary between the pianist and the strings and is comprised of many complicated levers of various classes, starting with the keystick and ending with the hammer. Rebuilding and designing an action is a poetic dance of geometry and weight.


The player must have the ability to control the dynamics and velocity of each note and clusters of notes. Of particular importance is the hammer which must have an appropriate mass and resiliency to excite the potential range of available sound contained in the string scale and soundboard assembly. This is why we are strong proponents of hammer sampling, where-by various makes of hammers are auditioned only once the piano has been strung with its new belly.
New keyboard (Sugarpine or Spruce)
Clean keysticks*
New keytops (ivory, bone, mammoth, mineral plastic, acylic etc. available)
Mortise reliefs or replacement
Replace keybushings (front & balance rail)
Clean sharps & repaint underside of sharp keysticks
New sharps (Plastic, Ebenith, Ebony or Rosewood w/Ebony caps)
Clean or replace facia
Clean, deburr & buff capstans
New capstans (Brass or anodized aluminum)
Balance hole replacement
Key shoe replacement
New keybuttons
New backchecks with wires (WNG, Tokiwa, Stwy NYI, Stwy Hamburg & Renner)
New keyend felt
*All cleaning is done in our custom beadblasting cabinet with a fine powder at an appropriate pressure level depending on the material. Metal bearings are polished in the vibratory tumbler.

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