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Steinway B 7’

Rosewood Victorian Case (85 Notes)
S/N: #40508 circa 1878

**Call for Pricing**

Steinway Rosewood

Steinway B 7’

Ebony Victorian Case (85 Notes)
S/N: #69933 circa 1890

**Call for Pricing**


Steinway A 6’4”

Ebony Victorian Case
S/N: #129353 circa 1907

**Call for Pricing**

Bechstein B 6’6”


Mahogony Case with inlay
Matching upholstered bench
S/N: #48715 circa 1898

**Call for Pricing**
Steinert D 6’

Ebony Case (Standard Art-Deco)
S/N: #14429 circa 1924

**Call for Pricing**

Knabe 5’6”

Fancy Walnut Burle Case
(Serial as yet N/A)

**Call for Pricing**

Chickering 121 6’4”

Mahogony Victorian Case
(Serial as yet N/A)

**Call for Pricing**

Mason & Hamlin A 5’10”

Ebony Case (Standard Art-Deco)
S/N: #29783 circa 1921

**Call for Pricing** (Property of St. Margaret’s)

Steinway A 6’1”


Ebony Case (Standard Art-Deco)
S/N: #93303 circa 1899

**Call for Pricing** (Property of S. Ormont)
All above quotes include the piano completely restored, bench, local cartage, one year service package & full 5-year warrantee.
State sales tax not included.
Other options include custom touchweight modifications, retrofit player piano systems & MIDI recording devices, piano covers, lamps, artist benches etc.
Vintage Piano Sales

Absolute Piano has a small collection of extraordinary vintage pianos that we rebuild on commission or as time permits. In addition, we have contacts worldwide to find any piano in any style that can be meticulous restored by us to your specification.


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