Mission Statement: Quality and Customer Satisfaction
Our underlying philosophy is that each piano that we restore I nvokes a labor of love and a passionate pursuit for an ever increasing refinement of our craft. It is simultaneously a gratifying and humbling art that has geometrically progressed particularly in the last twenty years. We are where we are now, in part thanks to a few other likeminded piano technicians that share their knowledge and contribute to the never ending understanding of this wonderful and mysterious instrument. Our techniques and procedures have evolved and continue to evolve through our perseverance, unrelenting pursuit of quality and an amalgamation of the great ideas that continue to circulate through our professional piano community. This is specifically accomplished through an active participation in the Piano Technician’s Guild, following the on-line technical forums, and a constant commitment to our education and empirical studies.

Equally important is our desire and commitment to work towards our clients’ ultimate satisfaction. Knowing that the restoration of a piano will probably be a once in a lifetime event, it is critical for us to provide the type and level of service that is being sought. We believe that this can best be accomplished through a mutual commitment to the best communication possible and an acknowledgement and respect on our part of the trust that is being placed in us.

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