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Absolute Piano Tuning & Restoration: Locally owned & operated by your friendly neighborhood piano tuner, Jude Reveley. Nationally recognized as one “…of the industry’s most successful and innovative rebuilders” [PTG Journal].

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Using our recently upgraded state-of-the-art database program, our goal in maintaining your piano is to provide the best possible service by creating and tracking your service history, including critical data on pitch, humidity & temperature, so that we can follow-up with appropriate recommendations for the continuing care and service of your piano. This will include service appointment reminders, recommendations on humidity control, and a general improvement in communicating with you and responding to your piano’s needs.

When should I service my piano?

Since the piano is composed primarily of wood, leather and felt we recommend periodic and consistent service to your piano. The amount of service depends on local humidity fluctuations, the condition of the instrument, how it is used and your own standards. Generally, however, we recommend two to four tunings annually for the average household. We also recommend that a humidity control system be installed in your piano regardless of how and how often it is used. A properly installed Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System not only protects your investment but can also assist in the stability of the tuning and regulation of your piano.

Ask About Our Available In-home Services:
  • Tuning and pitch adjustments
  • Preventive Maintenance: Includes basic repairs, cleaning and regulation.
  • Custom voicing
  • 32-Step regulation
  • Case repairs and touch-ups
  • Appraisals and estimates
  • Humidity control system installations
  • Purchase consulting
  • Factory authorized service


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